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Mads Stoumann

Hi, I'm Mads.
Thanks for stopping by! I'm a web developer, graphic designer, type designer, musician, comicbook-geek, LEGO-collector, food lover … as well as husband and father, located just south of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Get in touch:


Graphic Design

As a graphic designer, I've been lettering, coloring, layouting and designing hundreds and hundreds of comics, books and magazines. I've designed the typefaces used for the Nordic Spirou- and Gaston Lagaffe-comics, created ads, logos, brochures, toy-wrappings … and much more.

With a group of friends, I co-founded what is today Denmarks largest comicbook-publisher:
Forlaget Zoom.


I've worked quite a lot with relational databases and the T-SQL-language. My backend-skills are limited to Visual Basic — I definitely feel more comfortable with JavaScript!

For the Danish Medicines Agency, I've developed two applications: One for tracking the storage-location of specific medicine applications, and one for calculating patterns in symptoms for vaccines.

Apps & Music

I love to create small editors and apps. This Codepen Collection contains a bunch of small CSS-editors, I've coded throughout the years … more to come! On a larger scale, I've created Logifront, an app for complex form-logic — and OneBlock, a visual editor for CMS-systems (it has been implemented in epiServer-solutions).

I also love synthesizers, and I've played them since I was 12 years old.
You can listen to some of my stuff at Soundcloud.

Web Design

I made my first website in 1995. It amazes me how much has changed — and yet — how much is still the same. I don't think HTML, CSS or JavaScript will be replaced with other languages in the foreseeable future.

In th early days, I mostly worked on e-commerce websites and small marketing websites for a wide range of clients. These days, I'm lucky to work on global sites, with interesting challenges.


I love to write about technology. I used to have my own blog, but after I discovered, I never looked back. It's such an intuitive platform, and you can find all my articles here

I've written articles for CSS-tricks and Logrocket as well.


I'm currently working on a visual CSS Editor that'll work with custom CSS classes as well as Tailwind.

For new articles, check my page at

For my latest code-examples, check my public page at Codepen

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